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Anthony Michael


      Young visionary Anthony Michael has built a reputation on bringing forth fresh, timeless and non confrontational perspectives to most everyday overlooked characters and moments. Keeping color and subjects modest, his work is known for its wide array of content, styles and methods.


      Anthony Michael is an older soul with a youthful personality. Having experimented and learned the basics by keeping a camera on him during most of his younger years, he decided to study it professionally a decade ago. The ambitious photog works with a vast array of clients and starts his own visionary projects by himself and occasionally with his cast of professional team members.

      Starting with his point & shoot camera during his childhood, a film camera in his early adulthood, and a strong sense of street photography achieved. He implements different methods making works for different genres. Strong suits are landscapes, environmental portraiture, events and thinking out projects. Anthony also performs as a photo editor for other's photography.



         If you would like to get started on something, here is where you would contact him to book a session together.
          You could also contact him for any inquiries, requesting quotes, propositions, suggestions, criticism, work critique, an idea for a production, an interest to collaborate, to inform him of a public event, even for digital copies of his work. 
                  He will get back to you within 24 hours.
(917) 573-2413

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